A few things about me

if you knew me....

you'd know that i have a lot of questions about faith and struggle daily. i don't know how i would classify myself right now... but why put labels on things? i believe in love. and for now, that's enough.

you'd know that i once gave birth to a 10 pound, 4 ounce baby without a single drug in my system. and that doesn't even begin to compare to the pride i have in the way my 3 children have turned out so far. i think we may actually be doing this parenting thing right.

you'd know that i love my husband more than the air i breathe. he's my biggest supporter, best friend, and the most patient, gentle man i've ever known.

you'd know that i once pretended to be a vegan for a whole 5 weeks.

you'd know that i'm highly opinionated, but rarely voice my opinion in the real world because i lack the backbone to do so. maybe that's why i have such a hefty internet addiction. i feel like i can be more honest here...

you'd know that my camera is what keeps me sane on some days.

you'd know that i have always struggled with self-acceptance. i want to be thinner, faster, darker on some days, lighter on others. my hair's too fine, too thick, too brown. it's a daily struggle to not despise what i see in the mirror, looking back at me.

you'd know that i get serious hangovers from books, television shows, and movies. if i read or watch one that really touches me i can't let it go for months on end. it's made my goal of reading 30 books this year rather difficult. i still haven't recovered from ready player one.

you'd know that i always prefer chewy candy to hard. and will never be able to give up sugar, no matter how hard i try.

you'd know that our new dishwasher is my favorite appliance. i'm not at all exaggerating when i tell you that it saves me at least an hour of housework every single day. we're a family of 5 who eats 98% of their meals at home. we go through a lot of laundry, and a lot of dishes.

you'd know that i had the realization today as to why high school was so difficult for me. i was daria without her jane.

you'd know that that last sentence makes so much sense because i tend to be incredibly cynical and sarcastic at times. i think that's the real reason why my parents have never really known the true me. i only get more delightful when alcohol is involved. actually alcohol makes me really fun...i giggle a lot.

you'd know that i have a serious weakness for any man holding a banjo. i can't help it...

you'd know that i love to write and would love to some day write a book. i let life get in the way sometimes.

you'd know that the man in my life is also a writer. he's writing one of the most amazing young adult novels i've ever had the pleasure reading right now. at only 3 chapters in it reaches inside my chest cavity and squeezes my heart.

you'd know that i frequently feel the need to cry. which is when i turn on "the time traveler's wife". it gets me every damn time. and i love it.

you'd know that i adore tumblr for its cheesy inspirational quotes and harry potter gifs.

"it's not vanity to fell you have a right to be beautiful. women are taught to feel we're not good enough, that we must live up to someone else's standards. but my aim is to cherish myself as i am."
-elle macpherson.   thank you, tumblr. thank you.


  1. LOl is nice to meet you i'm Katherine and i just found your blog very interesting i might add but is nice to read a blog when a blogger is truly honest not a lot of blogger out here keep it real is nice to see that there are some that do.

  2. I really like your blog. I love the font, it's my favorite font and no comparing, I know I know but I like your layout and what you know how to do with your blog better than mine. I use a template. I also love how when I read your words I feel like I'm in great company.