Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's pop this blog's cherry

I won't even try to count how many blogs this means I've had in the last however many years I've been blogging. Really, I guess I've always been journaling in one way or another. I treated journals much the same way I treat blogs. Once I tire of them I throw them to the wayside never to be seen or read again.

I was actually quite comfortable at my old blog home, where I still blog "business" related things. But the problem with using it for business purposes is that I'm not comfortable with telling you about my sex life or using the words "fuck", "uterus", or "dumb shit mother fucker". So here we are.

The good thing about blogger is that it's free. And also it doesn't cost anything. If I get comfortable enough to remove my bra I may make it official and attach  my own domain to it. If not it will be burned within the next 90 days.

Thanks for sticking around to see what happens...