Tuesday, November 6, 2012


i voted today. for the first time in years. my kids walked in with me, watched me, and saw it happen.

cory pointed at his "i voted" sticker and said it was a license to bitch.

otto has lost the ability to control his volume. it's non-stop shouting all day. i'm starting to lose the last teaspoon of patience i had left.

john green and kimya dawson both conversed with me on twitter today. i believe i can fly..and take over the world..and die a happy woman.

it was decided that spaghetti would be consumed tonight. i have yet to make that happen and am rethinking this whole cooking thing.

i've been listening to the new mumford & sons album more than the new avett brothers. i'm not really sure who i am any more in light of this realization.

i sing really loudly in the car, and every time think about how i missed my calling as a folk singer. then i remember that i lack the balls to actually sing in front of anyone the way that i do in the car. and that i can't play an instrument. or write a song.

christmas music has already been played in this house. and i regret nothing. as soon as november arrives it's christmas time. at least in my world.

i'm coming to realize that i tend to be overly sensitive to things that don't really matter at all. like the feeling that adele betrayed me by losing weight & being on the cover of cosmo.

i really need to take better care of myself.

i need this in my life.



  1. I feel everything you have wrote. Except I didn't vote. :)
    "Fuck Diets, Eat More" seems to be my theme these days. I want to hate myself, but I'm too busy eating.

  2. I put my Christmas music on, too! I can't wait for twinkling lights and sweater vests and advent calendars!