Thursday, October 25, 2012

an open letter to my husband

dear cory,

when i met you you weren't even legal yet.
there i was. 19 and wise to the ways of the world. and you, a baby faced 17 year old just weeks away from your birthday.

i'll never forget that first birthday i celebrated with you.

it was loud.
there were so many people.
and me, so unpopular.

yet you loved me.
you've always loved me. even though i make it impossible at times.

and here i was today.
losing my mind...swirling around in a stressed out we have to clean circle.
a crazed woman in the midst of a tornado. too much to do. no time to do it.

and you reminded me to take a step back.
you always remind me to take a step back.

reevaluate. concentrate on the good things around me.

and this is just one of the things i'm most grateful for.
you keep me centered.

life has dealt us moment after moment.
happiness upon depression.
times of plenty upon times of oh my god how are we going to eat this month?
no privacy upon stolen moments behind closed doors.

i don't always take the time to say it, but i like you.
we say i love you every day. some days multiple times a day because i think it's one of those little things that help us stay centered.
but i really really like you. seriously.

love and like,
your wife


  1. This is beautiful. :)

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Love & like this!