Thursday, October 18, 2012

hi, privacy

i don't know if you guys realize it or not, but i'm a really kick ass mom. and cory? he's a really kick ass dad. 

and it's so hard sometimes to live up to that kick assness. 

some days i want to crawl into the cave shaped like my bedroom and hide. i want to eat junk food, watch tv, and pretend i'm all alone in my private space.

privacy. hello, privacy.
my long lost friend.
we used to spend so much time alone together with our good friend bed. 
remember bed? she was such a little slut, always flashing her flannel sheets at us. 
"join me," she'd say. get inside me. 
and you, privacy...well, you could never resist. so we'd let her wrap her arms around us and carry us off to ecstasy.
i haven't seen you in so long.
have you found a new lover? some 18 year old blond with no job and classes to skip?
i can only hope you saved my number. 
things won't be this way forever. 
give me fifteen years. wow, fifteen years.
i mean, yea it's a long time. but remember the times we used to have?
walks in the park..
trips to the book store..
when our good friends blanket and book used to come over to hang..
i'll write again when i have some free time.
and oh yea, my name's changed.
it's "mom" now.

today i have done the following:
velcro-ed an estimated 17 costumes on two little boys
eaten a bowl of peppermint ice cream
drank a giant iced coffee
played outside 
avoided cooking at all costs (thank you, papa murphy)
avoided housework at all costs. i'll pay for this one tomorrow.
answered phone call upon phone call from groupon clients
kissed my husband. a lot.

every day should be so beautiful.


  1. you make me smile every time! (btw... I am in no way associated with Groupon, but would love it if you would consider - I'll understand if you don't want to - possibly doing some family photos after Christmas... our first since long before my mom died, I think it's TIME) - Heather