Wednesday, October 17, 2012

for posterity

every waking moment lately finds me so tired.

exhaustion. kind of overwhelmed. scratch kind of and replace it with super duper.

today at 2:35pm (estimated time, mind you) i looked down at my fingernails to check and make sure they didn't need to be clipped. tonight at 9:01pm (exact time, i'm looking directly at the clock on the laptop) my nails seem grotesquely long and are making it difficult to type.

i'm creatively stunted. growth hasn't happened in quite some time.

mint green and red country, so comforting.

right now as i'm typing i'm looking down at my arms. they've grown in size an exponential amount in the last few months. but i lack the care of self motivation to do jack shit about it.

i've been stalking petfinder for a pug. and i won't stop until we get one.

i've been watching "felicity" again. and it reminded me that i used to lust after her expansive sweater wardrobe and hair. those feelings are still there. and i'm also adding "work as a barista" to my bucket list.

cory found old photos at a thrift store today for $6. and there are at least 2 dozen of them. these are the things that make me incredibly happy.

this post is for posterity. because obviously my future grandchildren will care about my meaningless dribble.


  1. funny, i looked at your blog today in hopes you had posted something. later, i log back in and sure enough, there you are in my feed! i always love your posts.

  2. i too am overwhelmed at the vast amount of things to keep up with in life. it makes me want to give everything the finger, but then i am too busy clipping nails.