Tuesday, April 2, 2013

hi, tuesday

last weekend was a total whirlwind of wonderful.

the exhaustion, yet resistance to go to sleep because it would take away time with friends...it's a beautiful thing.

there are pictures from the weekend here, in case you haven't seen them on facebook yet.

we're all working on getting back to normal...
puppy training and snuggling

today i'm taking the kids to enroll them into public school for next year.

i'm filled with eager anticipation, looking forward to having time to take care of myself mixed with feelings of guilt and fear due to shipping my kids off to complete strangers.

i have control issues...and don't wanna let go. 

and i'm really really sleep deprived, guys. which directly effects my psyche and makes everything feel completely wacky and like a total shit storm. 

for now i'm just taking deep breaths. deep breaths that will get me through the coming months, to some kind of consistency and ease of life. 


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