Monday, December 31, 2012

our visit to the toy & action figure museum

this weekend my baby turned 4. and i'll say the cliche oh it's going by too quickly! but really in a lot of ways time has literally dragged by as slow as it possibly could.

i have such mixed feelings when it comes to the kids growing older. while i miss the feel of a tiny baby and other things they bring, i don't miss the lack of sleep or certain amount of freedom that i'm starting to feel.

but really the only point of this post will be to share pictures from our day with you.

we've been on our way to visit this place for years and finally made it on otto's birthday. and we'll definitely be going back, despite the surly girl at the register in the gift store. excuse me, surly girl, but look at where you work. it might be the coolest place in the freaking state so yea, smile k?

my baby's face when we walked in. new goal: get him to make this face at least once a day.

they totally had an entire area designated for costumes that the boys could try on. it was their dream come true.

and even an area set up with a doll house. this deer in the headlights look is totally authentic.

i was in the midst of reading the deathly hallows when we went, so seeing these was like seeing my best friends hanging out. 

they had an area with vintage western toys...and i've decided that i need to have another baby then come steal these.

the epic amount of batman shit? a giant bat cave. 

and basically cory was just as excited as the boys. maybe even more so.

totally worth the 6 bucks per person we paid for admission. 
and my favorite part, you guys? the big sign at the entrance that said "we welcome cameras". 
i took so many pictures and could back to take like 500 more. 

hooray for nerds!


  1. soooo, we have been tossing around an idea of a GIANT road trip and Andy was asking me if I knew anyone or anything cool to do in the 'south'. Not sure if Oklahoma counts as the "south" but you are south of us, so there is that...
    what I am getting at, if we come your way- I WANT TO GO HERE.

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