Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the david mayfield parade

sometimes music can save us. in high school it was sarah mclachlan and elliott smith that saved me. what can i say....i have many layers.

for some reason my late 20's and early 30's have left me longing for banjos, guitars, and slow southern drawls. it must be my redneck, barefoot farmer daddy's influence. i still have such fond memories of listening to 8 tracks of johnny cash and elvis's country albums in his truck with the windows down.

this man belongs on that list of slow southern drawls and beautiful guitars that i've fallen in love with.

and i swear to you, he's cory's brother from another mother. i mean, seriously. the men look just alike and act just alike. which means that his stage presence is like none other.

we knew we had to go see him on sunday night, even though it was a school/work night for cory. the best part was that the show was free. free is my favorite price..and it left money available for us to get shirts which is always a bonus.

he managed to charm an entire audience who had probably never heard of him and get a well earned standing ovation before leaving the stage.

and his new crew is amazing as well. i was skeptical since i enjoyed the old ensemble so much, but i managed to develop a pretty hefty crush on his fiddle player.

i have another video we took as well but haven't uploaded it yet.. maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, who knows....

but for now...ladies and gentlemen, i present to you one of faith's favorite bands. seriously, she listens to them non-stop... the david mayfield parade.

if you don't fall in love with them then you don't have a heart. in which case i can't help one can.


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